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Leveling the Playing Field-
Covering the Gap Between Opportunity and Talent

From youth leagues to the collegiate level, people have been convinced that the only way to be noticed is to open their pocketbooks and pay whatever is necessary for a chance to play at the next level. Third party recruiting companies have taken the dreams of young athletes and hidden them behind pay-wall after pay-wall, making online recruiting accessible by only those who can afford it. When the playing field is uneven and opportunity is sold to the highest bidder, hard work and talent go unnoticed.

The sports system is flawed, but don’t worry, tagup is here, and we did not show up empty handed. We have developed an online sports ecosystem with an unwavering dedication to keep costs as low as possible, while constantly innovating and incorporating new features to enhance exposure and experience. Our mission is to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity by delivering an all inclusive network that is affordable for everyone in the athletic community. We are tagup, and we are here to give every team a system, every parent a plan, and every athlete the opportunity to achieve the exposure they deserve.

Dare to see things differently.

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Welcome to tagupBaseball. The First Social Sports Showcase for Baseball.



Welcome to tagupSoftball. The first Social Sports Showcase for Softball.



Welcome to tagupVolleyball. The First Social Sports Showcase for Volleyball.



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To treat everyone like a member of the tagup team.
There’s always room on the team.


To recognize the value of competition, and treat it with respect, and dedication.
We are always competing.


To provide a space where all are not only welcome, but celebrated.
Diversity makes a difference.

We don’t provide agents, we promote agency. Take your brand into your own hands.

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